Pacemaker Bank & Future Plans

Needy sufferers can approach LASWEB for pacemakers absolutely free of cost. A good number of specialists have volunteered their services for implanting pacemakers. Patients are advised to get in touch with our concerned functionaries well ahead of required implantation.

Senior Citizens’ Initiative

Our senior citizens’ initiative is still in the process of development. We intend to open up a short-stay shelter for the aged and introduce a ‘Adopt a Grandparent Scheme’. Young volunteers will render different kinds of human service to senior citizens who are lonely and abandoned. Efforts are also on to open up a round-the-clock helpline for critical care. LASWEB is in possession of a plot of land measuring 4,580 sq.ft. along with a small building and is now exploring possibilities of suitable constructions at the site for a senior citizens’ home in collaboration with Binapani Basu Trust.

Women’s Welfare Initiative

We have received a house as donation and we intend to turn it into a short-stay shelter for destitute women. Kolkata Unit of Human Rights Law Network will collaborate with us in this venture.