Topic and Syllabus


  1. Sociology is the study of Human Social Life and has a close link to human psychology with the insight in the human nature, behaviour, action, reaction, and their influences to shape and determine social and family life.
  2. Formation of the Family-Marriage-Family norms and practice in the changing society.
  3. Family Conflicts-Sources and reasons of the conflict-consequences-the concept of a Happy Family-the role of the Family Counsellor to resolve the conflicts and confusions.
  4. Role-Awareness-Communication Skills-Interpersonal Relationships and Transactional Analysis.
  5. Interpretations of Individual Freedom and Life in the Society- Marriage and Individual Freedom- Present Trends.
  6. Parent - Child Relationship-Problems of the Adolescent Children -the Role of the Counsellor.
  7. In the Family life and in Society the Importance of Human Value System- The Role of the Counsellor.
  8. The Social Perspective of Juvenile Delinquency-Reasons and Possible Remedy- the Role of the Counsellor.
  9. Drug-Addiction and Alchoholism-consequences-the Role of the Counsellor.
  10. Career counselling and the role of a career counsellor.
  11. Pre-Marital Counselling towards a Happy Conjugal Life.
  12. Pre-Marital Counselling towards a Happy Conjugal Life.
  13. Alternatives to Marriage and the Family - Communes- Cohabitation- Gay-Families- Staying Single - Social Anxiety.


  1. Counselling - Definition and Types and Qualities of Counsellor
  2. Defence Mechanisms and coping strategies
  3. Topographies of mind And Freudian Psychoanalysis
  4. Psychosexual Disorders causing marital conflicts
  5. Psychotic Diseases with special references to Schizophrenia
  6. Combating Tension and stress Management
  7. Psychosomatic Disorder
  8. Geriatric Counselling
  9. Theories of Personality Developement - Role of Counselling
  10. Participation. Motivation, Adjustment, Maladjustment, Learning and Counselling
  11. Management of Mentally-Challanged children and Role of Counselling
  12. Basics of Psychometric
  13. Industrial Counselling


  1. Anatomy of Violence
  2. Physical Disorders and Marital Conflicts
  3. Different Sexual Orientations: Physiological Perspectives
  4. Thalassemia and Genetic Disroders
  5. Holistic Health
  6. Adolescence--stresses and strains in Physiological Perspectives
  7. Pre-Marital Counselling


  1. Forms of Marriage under Different Personal Laws--Essential Conditions and Ceremonial Marriage
  2. Divorce, Restitution and Judicial Separation-Void and Voidable
  3. Maintenance, Alimony and Recovery of maintenance
  4. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  5. Atrocities in Marriage, Domestic Violence: 498A, 306 304B and 113 A Evidence Act
  6. Dowry Prohibition Act
  7. Laws relating to minors and children, Guardianship, Custody and adoption
  8. Womens Rights to Property
  9. Provisions of Writ in Articles 226, 32 and 21 (Right to Life)
  10. Laws relating to Disabilities--Physical and Mental
  11. Landlords and Tenancy
  12. Legal Aid Movement, PIL, Human Rights, Family Courts, A>D>R Mediation and Conciliation
  13. The PC PNDT Act
  14. The Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 & 2006
  15. RTI Act, 2005
  16. Trafficking in Women and Children and the Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act
  17. Victimology: Crime and Punishment